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Blasphemous behavior at the industrial factory. A little robot with urgent needs and a patrol-bot that tries to retain the sterile order. Can that sensational urge be surpassed? Or will love eventually prevail?
Amit Tishler is one seriously warped and funny dude. His decidedly bent and twisted animated shorts are definitely not ideal family fare, but for those who dig hardcore odd and perverse humor they most certainly provide a wealth of sick belly laughs. This short centers on a randy little robot who attempts to mate with a can. A patrol bot tries to stop him to no avail. Once again Tishler derives pure wacko comedy gold from an inspired aberrant premise: The fluid, vivid, and colorful animation, funky throbbing score, gut-busting final image, and amplified sound effects (the rude squeaking noises are especially sidesplitting) add up to one immensely uproarious exercise in deliciously bad taste. Sensitive souls should avoid this one like a vintage Andrew Dice Clay stand-up routine, but anyone with a taste for the weird and wonderfully wrong ought to find this baby to be an absolute hoot and a half.

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