Which site? 19 votes (expired)

Stay with guildworks 1
Change to enjin. 9
Let Tupins decide. 9

Tupins Pennywhistle Admin replied

291 weeks ago


Poll open for 7 days.

Ok guys sorry for posting this again. But a debate came up about the inactivity of the guildworks site and forums. Because of that we made a new website (enjin template thank to Tolkien) to see what we could add and improve upon. So we finished something that looks pretty good. But, thanks to Aurello he improved upon the guildworks site aswell and basically what you see now is what there is. So now we have a site that looks active which is a big plus.

But now we have a delemna. We now have two websites that look pretty awesome.

Enjin: (New) http://varangianguards.enjin.com/home
Guildworks: (Old) http://varangianguards.guildwork.com/

If you guys want to go over to the new website YOU DO NOT NEED TO RE-APPLY. All you need to do is register with enjin if you haven't already and select join website for Varangian Guards and thats it. Once I see your name I will give you proper permissions.

If you want to stay with Guildworks then just select the proper poll at top.

The third poll is to basically give the decision to me. I will wait till the end of the poll expiry date and decide with input from what you guys have replied back and make a decision then.

I hope you guys have a look at both sites and decide on what you guys like.


Lethion Members replied

291 weeks ago

To me it doesnt matter which one we use as they are both good so im voting to let you decide, it realy comes down to what options there are to manage the site the best.

Beskar Admin replied

291 weeks ago

I';m going to put enjin I think. The guildworks sit3e is limited in what you can do in terms of features and layout and from the looks of it, enjin can offer a lot more even on it's free package.

deathknoll Admin replied

291 weeks ago

Im biased towards Enjin due to its simplicity to use & change stuff & the diversity of things it allows you to do as a guild.

Shiko Members replied

291 weeks ago

I must vote for enjin here. The different sections are much more nicely separated, and the overall design feels and looks less amateurish then the guldwork site.
The special name-colorings makes it easier for both member and visitors to know who the leaders and moderators are as well.
It also seems like there is more space to place different polls/chat/news etc.
So enjin all the way.

thegramos replied

291 weeks ago

Indifferent to me, just let me know the final decision.

XzXDPG Members replied

291 weeks ago

I don't mind wich 1 it will become. But if it is gonna be enjin, please change the header this one is a big NO NO.

Shoppy replied

291 weeks ago

Whichever one is easiest for you Tup, as you'll be using it.
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