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Hello all and welcome to The Varangian Guards.

Although we are a Free Company that promotes a mature relaxing community where everyone can have fun in a relaxing manner we know that at time we may get an idividual that will become destructive to the Free Company. So what do we do if this happens?

Complaints procedure.

If you have a complaint about someone from within in the Free Company, please don't hesitate to contact a officer. But, try to contact the person who you are complaining against as you both may be able to sort this out between the both of you and you both may in the end respect each other better. But if this does not work then please give a officer as much information as you can. Provide screenshots if you can. This officer will then contact one of the leaders and we will discuss this with the two individuals invovled unless there is more than two people.

Member Conduct.

Every member who joins The Varangian Guards should at all times respect each other and other players. Remember we are here to have fun while enjoying every aspect FFXIV: ARR has to offer.

As this is a Free Company for all different types of players. Be them hardcore, casual, crafters or gatherers or even simply explorers. We want everyone to get along. Drama starters are not tolerated and will be dealt with.

Keep in Mind.

This is a new Free Company for a new server on a new game. So this means that when we do start raiding. Wipes are unavoidable. Remain positive, give encouragement but above all no negativity. As this will only destroy the positive atmosphere!

If you see someone from the FC needing help and you have the time help them as at some point they may help you if you need it aswell. We are in a community, especially one that helps each other out!

We want to bolster the team spirit, so communicate with each other. No one likes having members that do not talk in guild chat. We are here to get a long, have fun and join in!

Voice Chat

At the moment we are using Raid Call as a Voice Chat programme untill we have something better. Once we do have our Voice Chat some guildlines are expected to be followed.

During events everyone should be on. Be it a raid or a pvp party during a Coliseum or Frontline battle.
Use push to talk. If you do not want to talk then thats fine.
No disrespecting on voice chat.

Forum Rules.

* At no time will racist, religious, or homophobic topics, jokes, or attacks be tolerated.
* Do not post any porn or porn links to the forum!
* Test all links. We don't need viruses running rampant!

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